Month: November 2016

Elaine Update & Albion Online: Update Can Bring New Field And Artifacts

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For the first update of Albion Online, yesterday, it has been launched since the MMORPG has reached the final beta phase. Around the Highlands, it expands the Berlin-based online game, Guardian Fraction have also been introduced, what’s more, it can allow you to creat new weapons as well as equipment. Of course, a new area, ….  Read More

Elaine Update: Players Can Go To The Highlands of Albion Online

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Thanks to German developer Sandbox Interactive, the MMORPG Albion Online was launched. Currently, it still in the final beta phase, a exciting and new update with the name Elaine. Regarding the content update, it gives players access to the highlands, a entirely new biom, with extensive plateaus, waterfalls and rivals to explore. Are you waiting ….  Read More