Month: July 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online Launched Midyear Mayhem Event

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ZeniMax Online Studios will offer all users of The Elder Scrolls Online a new event that will take place from 20 to 31 July. Under the name of “Midyear Mayhem” we will access unique rewards, such as the exclusive Midyear Victor’s Laurel Wreath, as well as obtaining double Alliance Points, PvP equipment and rare crafting ….  Read More

Sandbox Interactive Announced The Large-Scale MMORPG Albion Online

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Beta testing is finally over. Albion is now fully available on Android and is waiting for its players. After many months of testing, developers from the studio Sandbox Interactive announced a mobile release of their ambitious and large-scale MMORPG called Albion Online. The game was released on the Android platform – now users of this ….  Read More

The Elder Scrolls Online Patch 3.0.11 For PC/Mac

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The Elder Scrolls Online have added an incremental 378MB patch v3.0.11 including some fixes for the Grouping Tool and queuing issues as well as some changes to Battlegrounds and Cyrodiil campaigns. There are also some fixes involving gameplay, dungeons, and quests. We have a number of changes affecting PvP and Battlegrounds in this patch: The ….  Read More

Horns Of The Reach Will Be Released To The Elder Scrolls Online

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Bethesda continues to expand the content of The Elder Scrolls Online, and a month after the release of the major Morrowind expansion, the studio presents Horns of the Reach, a new downloadable game pack that will be available next month at the same time as the next update 15.0. This update will be free for ….  Read More