Do you like online seasonal games in Forza Horizon 4?

The Forza Horizon 4 update brings a new way to risk online. In addition to traditional team adventures, players can now choose to compete alone. This new mode can be found in the “Online Adventures” tab and can be used in “rank” and “not ranked” modes.

Although FH 4 hopes to make some changes to satisfy the players, it seems that this change is not what the player wants. For those who don’t have Xbox Live, most of them don’t want to do online seasonal games. This is Depressing. They only play single player games, so don’t try to force them.

It’s even worse when you’ve never really played and have to do the 10 qualifier adventures on top of the ones needed to unlock Ranked Adventure itself. I want no part of the PvP aspect of this game. What’s worse are the constant disconnects after the Race in Adventure mode…it’s made it impossible for me to complete even a single adventure, even after 6-7 attempts at completing just 1. So I’ve just kinda given up on getting my 100% this week for the Porsche and Just hoping they fix it by next week so I can get that GTO.

But do we really need 100% at every season? I don’t have 100% in summer and my monthly % is already like at 26%, so it’s either a bug that’ll be fixed next week or we don’t really need To do it all for the monthly 100%, still sucks to force everyone to play ranked, the trial and playground games.

Finally, I hope that developers will listen to the opinions in the community and solve the problems that players really want to solve. Before you make a clear change in FH 4, if you want to get a 100% reward car, unless you take the time to complete Competition, otherwise it can only be purchased from a third party.