The way do Glacors in Runescape

Glacors aren’t too hard to master, but there’s a couple of tips I’ve learnt that really speed kills up. It’s the way do Glacors, so mix things up, use some abilities, change others, etc. You’ll do better if you’re more comfortable with the way you’re killing them.Before you do Glacors you can buy cheap runescape 2007  gold first!


runescape GEAR

Pretty much use your best Mage gear. I’m a believer in the Ring of Wealth, so I always take it with me. Aura can be whatever you feel is useful. Vampyrism, Penance, Reverance seem to be the handiest. I don’t use Ultimates, but if you choose to, you might want to take Invigorate.



I use a Bunyip rather than a Yak, and try not to use Soul Split too often to conserve Prayer. I take Magic Notepaper for the Rune items/Dragon Maces. I don’t like taking too many Prayer Potions/Super Restores, because I like to pick up as many drops as I can, and need the Inventory space. If I’m using Reverance, I’ll take 2 flasks instead of 2 vials. Banking is quick and easy, so going for 40 minutes at a time doesn’t bother me.


  • 1-3 used whenever
  • 4 and R used on the Enduring as it spawns/running toward you
  • 5 used on Unstable/Sapping
  • Q used on 2nd half of Glacor
  • W used on 1st half of Glacor
  • 6 used on the Glacor as a last hit if possible. Sometimes you get 2k heals
  • A to Freedom
  • S to adrenaline stall if needed
  • E used never. You can replace it with the Jig emote if you wish.


Do your first 15,000 Damage using whatever abilities. Wild Magic comes in handy here, providing you have Adrenaline from the last kill. Once the Glacor reach 15,000 HP, it spawns 3 Glacytes – Unstable, Sapping, and Enduring. Read this if you’re unfamiliar with them.

When they spawn, tag Enduring, then use Combust and Chain on it as you run back a few steps. The other 2 Glacytes should run towards you. Finish off Enduring, then kill the other two in whichever order you choose. If you’re killing Glacors for XP, kill Unstable before it explodes so you get the full amount of XP from the kill. Otherwise it’s really up to you.

Complete the kill with Asphyxiate and Sacrifice (try to use this as your last ability to heal 100% of the damage you deal). It’s really quite easy once you get the hang of it. Bring some food if it’s your first trip, but after a while, you’ll find you don’t need it.

ADVANCED TIPS (Not sure if this will help the person that asked, but I thought I’d share it anyhow)

I’ve been practicing a method by a player called Dreyri in this video that seems super efficient, especially with a Dragon Rider amulet. If you can do it correctly, you can use Dragon Breath on Unstable and Sapping, and usually kill them at the same time, resulting in quicker kills and more XP/h.

Watch the video, it’ll give you a good idea of the outcome you’re trying to achieve. I’ve detailed it a bit more below. For each Glacor, you want to stand directly in front of it, causing the Glacytes to spawn in a line. If you run directly backwards and kill Enduring, the other two will be in a position where they can be easily lured to line up and Dragon Breath’d.

East-West kills. You have to start the kill off by standing directly in front of the Glacor

runescape East-West kills

You don’t want to stand to the square north or south of the Glacor, otherwise the Glacytes won’t move into position as easily.

When the Glacytes spawn, move backwards to lure Enduring further away from the Glacor, but run directly backwards, not to the left or right.

After Enduring is dead, you want to run 3 squares to the north or south, and use Dragon Breath on Unstable. Once again, don’t move diagonally at all, otherwise they’ll move and Dragon Breath will only hit one of them.

rs-Dragon Breath

The ability should kill, or almost kill both Glacytes. Finish them off and complete your kill as usual.

North-South kills.

If you’re North or South of the Glacor you’re attacking, you’ll have to do things slightly differently.

Start the kill as normal, facing the Glacor directly.


When the Glacytes spawn, and you run backwards, they’ll be positioned differently to East-West kills.


Make sure the Enduring is far enough away, kill it, then instead of running 3 squares to the left or right, run 3 squares back towards the Glacor you’re fighting, so either north or south (remember you ran north or south last time). Don’t run diagonally



They’ll line up nicely and you can Dragon Breath them both.

Like I said, it’ll take some practice, but practice makes perfect. Since I grasped this method, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my XP/h, and it really isn’t much more effort now that I’m used to it. You might need to go back and watch a few kills on the video above to understand what’s going on, but hopefully it makes more sense.