10 Essential Tips All New FIFA15 Players Need to Know

10 Essential Tips All New FIFA15 Players Need to Know

This year FIFA has made a huge push for a brand new market with converting new fans to the series their main goal. Aided by the price cuts to next gen consoles and the fact that the American market has finally fallen in love with football after a spellbinding World Cup, FIFA is now looking to dominate worldwide and have made a more in depth game filled with stats, tactics and options than ever before.

Your initial experience may seem daunting (especially if take your talents online) but if you follow these key pieces of advice and put in the practice – you’ll quickly find yourself schooling seasoned veterans of the series.

Here are 10 Essential Tips All New FIFA15 Players Need to Know

10. Shoot On Sight

One of the most important things to teach yourself is to shoot on sight. Don’t try and walk the ball into the net. Last year, FIFA 14 stripped away the shooting mechanics so much that every shot soon became robotic. Good players learned every angle and shot type, perfected the power gauge pressure and were soon banging in goals from some of the craziest areas on the pitch. FIFA 15 looks to have solved the abuse type shots by placing a huge emphasis on inertia and player position as well a host of other intricate calculations such as planted foot position, ability, form, preferred foot and even tiredness.

There are more ways to score than ever but some key fundamental FIFA features still prevail at being the best way to beat the keeper. Finesse shots are back and better than they have been since the overpowered rockets from FIFA 13 and are still a lethal weapon to have in your arsenal. Roll in finishes are also seriously effective and only require a simple tap in one on one situations.

Shoot, shoot and then shoot some more. Only one needs to go in. The shooting system is challenging and takes some getting used to but you’ll be shocked at the lack of shots on target taken by opponents. Shoot on sight with a fraction of time and space and reap the rewards.

9. Play To Your Strengths

FIFA rewards players who play a simple game. Want to hold possession? Pick Barcelona. Want to be solid at the back and work as a team? Atletico Madrid will yield great joy. Fancy a blistering all out attacking devastation? Manchester United or Real Madrid can destroy teams. Doing the simple thing right consistently means a lot more victories. Often times, games can be turned on their head with a piece of magic from Ronaldo or Messi, but a solid player can always adapt to a moment of magic from one of the games superstars.

The best part is, it won’t take long to figure out what works best for you. Tactics and formation are equally important to pace and skill and it’s vital to get them right. Experiment with random teams, switch formations and attack/defence levels and see what works. Team choice is only half the battle, it’s the in game options that truly define the type of player you are. Don’t stubbornly pick a team because they are rated the best, pick a team who you can mould in your play style.

8. Embrace Your Inner Mourinho

Similar to the previous point with a twist that will confuse most opponents, choosing a team and then ripping up their philosophy can be a master-stoke online or in one off games against your mates. For example, Real Madrid and Bacrelona have the best attacking players in FIFA 15 blessed with pace, skill and technique. They can all shoot, pass and have fairly good stamina which is why straight off the bat, they should be set up defensively.

4-3-3 is the obvious choice when choosing Madrid or Barcelona but a more compact unit will be truly difficult to beat. The good players like Messi and Súarez and Bale and Ronaldo will always get into the right areas when you are attacking, no matter what setting you choose. Use this to your advantage. Rotate players and switch up tactics throughout the game to confuse your opponents defensive defaults. If you notice that Jordi Alba is man marking Ronaldo, have him switch wings with Bale. If Iniesta is playing in the hole, have Modric slot in to help the defence out.

Ramos and Pique are great defenders but can only stop so much. Use the teams complete bench, switch tactics whenever you see a change and don’t forgot to delve into team management to truly learn the in game options. Master what’s on offer and you will soon become unbeatable.

7. Do Not Overuse Sprint

Sure it’s tempting to jam the sprint button and chase around opponents like a chicken without a head but it’s a huge issue to avoid if you want to actually compete at the higher levels. Whether be it offline or online, it just doesn’t work this year in FIFA 15 and while you will win some balls and cause some errors, good teams and players will simply spray the ball around and destroy you in the last 20 minutes.

Even the most energetic teams such as Juventus and Chelsea will struggle to keep energy if you abuse sprint so it’s best to just concentrate on closing down space when you need to. Leave your sprinting button for when your’re marauding the wings on a counter-attack. Overcommitting to every every tackle is also a huge issue to avoid. Let opponents have the ball and only put on pressure when you see the opportunity. Sliding should be avoided unless absolutely necessary as well. Defending is a art in FIFA 15 and trumps a well oiled attacking team almost every time.

Learn to be patient and pick your physical battles. Everything else will fall into place.

6. Passing Triangles

Single handedly the most important area of FIFA 15 lies in its passing. Last year, EA messed up the slick passing that saw sweeping passages of play result in spectacular team worked goals make way for overpowered crossing and one man team performances. This year, passing is back and better than ever.

The first touch feature has been toned down and while ping pong passing is still an issue, it does take more skill than before to spray the ball around like Italian maestro Andrea Pirlo. The AI in FIFA 15 encourages passing triangles and using this system will result in open chance shots and goals. It’s natural to chase the ball and if you can merge this with the previous point of conserving the sprint button, you will infuriate opponents and win 9 times out of 10.

Work your way up the pitch in triangles, set up runs and look for openings. If you feel like you’re about to be closed down, simply spread the ball around and then set up a new triangle. It’s simple in theory and really works. The amount of FIFA players who don’t actually play real football will never understand this concept and will continue to abuse superstar players and sprint around the pitch diving into tackles as they become frustrated, especially if you’re a goal or two up and still working the ball well.

5. Practice Set Pieces

So you rip open your brand new copy of FIFA 15 and pop it in to the console ready to take on the world. But where do you start? The sheer amount of modes on offer are enough to intimidate even the most hardened football loving fan but after a quick exhibition match with your favourite team, the best place to start is in the place that hones real life fledging starlets into superstars – the training ground.

Practice makes perfect in FIFA 15 and this is one massive advantage you can give yourself over a huge percentage of other players. It takes genuine persistence to nail each set piece and the time you put in will reap great rewards. The new defensive tweaks make each match in FIFA 15 a bit more physical than before so punishing an opponent who’s keen on roughing you up with a last minute free kick could prove to be the sweetest of all victories.

Corner kicks and balls from crosses are more difficult but goalkeepers are still dodgy from the near post so that’s where you should aim most of the time. A big man to aim for is your best bet when trying to play a long ball game but practising to hit the target every time is invaluable if you want to up your game.

4. Ultimate Team Chemistry

Chances are, the main reason you have bought FIFA 15 is for Ultimate Team. Even if you are not football’s biggest fan, the addictive mode that EA keep improving year on year is a joy to play through. Leaving the micro-transactions out of it, Ultimate Team is best enjoyed when building a team; player by player and if you want to completely show up opponents who spend real life money on packs, you best concentrate on the single most important feature in Ultimate Team – player chemistry.

Basically, each player has a possible chemistry rating of 10.This is divided by favoured position, formation and his league or nationality standing. Each player then links with each team-mate with lines between each player colour coded from red to orange to green. For example, Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique play for different clubs but are both Spanish and play in the same league so they will be green. Mascherano and Ramos play in the same league but for different clubs and don’t share the same nationality either so they will be orange. Similarly, Ramos and Vincent Kompany will have red lines matching them as they have nothing in common.

It is vital to have a chemistry rating of 100 if you want to play beautiful football. Mixing teams and players can be achieved with some amazing hybrid squads but FIFA 15 is the first game in the series which reinforces the idea of building a team and not littering your team with galacticos.

3. Become A Trick Magician

The trick system in FIFA 15 is pretty much the same as the last few iterations but there are slight tweaks which improve the game-play immensely and it’s easy to just concentrate on slick dribbling and forget the intricate trick stick moves but even learning the basic two star skills can give you an edge.

The foot roll and double touch are simple but extremely effective when looking for an extra yard or two and even the visually impressive heel chop only requires two button presses. You don’t need to turn defenders inside out, just keep it simple and don’t over elaborate the tricks. You’re not trying out for the circus. Obviously, the good players like Neymar and Robben can destroy any team but sometimes less is more.

Check out the skills guide and spend some time in the arena to nail the tricks. You’ll be glad when you begin to dance around clumsy defenders.

2. Career Mode Youth

FIFA’s lacklustre career mode might have been a complaint which had dogged the series for years but thankfully, the last few titles have given the offline time consuming mode a major revival with the team at EA completely overhauling the mechanics and turning the modes fortunes around. FIFA 15 continues the trend started in FIFA 12 and yet again, delivers an engrossing and addictive football experience.

Picking a team is easy and many players will be happy to simply choose money bags Manchester City or the brilliant Barcelona but in doing so, will miss out on some of Career Mode’s best features. Buying success for a season or two is easy but building a dynasty that lasts forever is going to take time, patience and a little bit of luck. If you do decide to take on the challenge though, FIFA 15 is a truly rewarding game full of depth and little moments of magic. Many of these moments occur when you discover an emerging football gem and turn him into the next Cristiano Ronaldo.

FIFA 15 is blessed with some amazing youth players and if you can sign of these potential stars and give them the right training and experience, your club can become a powerhouse in a few short seasons. FIFA rival PES has always excelled in providing these magical transformations on screen in their brilliant Master League mode and while FIFA is still not at that level just yet, the gap is closing. Scouts hold to key to getting the good youth players and you’ll be hooked after a few stars have made it big. FIFA begins to shine when you see players brought up from the youth academy begin to attract attention off big teams and selling players who you have nurtured for a few hundred games is enthralling.

Scout and buy as many players as possible. There is massive reward and very little risk. Youth players are loyal, cost little to nothing in wages and have near unlimited potential. Replace ageing stars with future superstars and slowly build season after season. Career mode really comes into its own after a few years. Just try and not get too attached to your favourite players.

1. Buy Items From The EASFC Catalogue

Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes and thankfully, EA are very generous when it comes to new players. After a few games, you will unlock certain rewards in the FIFA catalogue and these can save you hours of work if managed correctly, especially in Ultimate Team. Coin boosts from matches can see you be rewarded with 1000 fifa 15 coins per match for 5 games which means a brand new player or two when building your dream team.

There are dozens of other rewards on offer such as celebrations to skills and classic jerseys to emblems. The coin boosts in Ultimate Team and player attribute points in Pro Clubs are the main staples of the catalogue though so use your in game money wisely. It’s possible to get your friends to send you stuff from their catalogue too so shop around and ask a few mates for some favours or even challenge them to a game and use the catalogue items as an incentive for you both. Buy as much as you can and you will soon rack up experience and money, both things you can never have enough of in FIFA 15.

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