Winner list of answer questions to win fifa coins is announced

Hey Guys,

We launched a campaign which is called “Answer questions to win fifa coins” last month. This campaign has lasted for about 30 days and more than 1000 people had participated.

We appreciated those who had participated this campaign, and as we said in the previous news, we would pick some people as the winners and reward them free fifa 15 coins. And the luck people are as below:

First Prize ( 1 people ): $200 worth FIFA 15 Coins

tigran Smith  (tigran****

Second Prize ( 2 people ): $100 worth FIFA 15 Coins

Justin Choi  (justinsla****

Christopher Stamp  (danielst****

Third Prize ( 3 people ): $50 worth FIFA 15 Coins

maher sultaneh  (irw.m****

Harvey Johnson  (beels****

Ethan Voelker   (Mysteri****

Fourth Prize ( 5 people ):  $20 worth FIFA 15 Coins

rabih hassan  (rabih.has****

Oscar Rodriguez  (oart**

Dylan Cipollon  (dylancip****

Alec Marq  (ginge****

Jordon Jewett  (Jewe**** 

Fourth Prize ( 10 people ):  $10 worth FIFA 15 Coins

jakob hansen  (jakob-han****

Ignacio Gallego  (inak****

Hafiz Mohd Nordin  (hafiz.det****

richard jon  (jones****

Tank Berk  (matthe****

Amy Wright  (bri****

ryder cusack  (ryder****

enrique flores  (walter****

Logan Voss  (raging****

Jarret Jones  (joneja****

Congratulations to all winners!!! We will send an email to the winners within next 2 days and arrange the coins delivery then. We will lanuch another new campaign soon and more fifa 15 coins will be rewarded. Please pay attention to our update and wish you could win next time!

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