Monopoly GO: 7 Tips For Completing Boards

Monopoly Go Stickers

Monopoly GO adds a surprising twist to this simple game by bringing in a huge collection of themed boards. This keeps players on their toes – with a constant urge to finish one board and quickly move on to the next. While this is essentially a game of luck and chance, there are a few tricks players can use to complete boards and get closer to becoming a wealthy business tycoon.

Focus On Building Landmarks

In Monopoly GO, each board level boasts five distinct landmark items. These landmarks are not merely decorative. Players can construct and upgrade each landmark to its maximum level to grant the biggest rewards in terms of dice rolls and cash. However, rival players may attempt to sabotage your progress by breaking your landmarks. This is why players should focus on building and upgrading landmarks as soon as they’ve earned enough money. If they’re low on cash, players should only invest in one landmark and postpone building the rest to avoid shutdowns.

Participate In Events And Tournaments

Monopoly GO is filled with events and tournaments that can help players get the cash they need to advance through the mobile title. From hundreds of extra dice rolls to millions of bucks, these temporary events are perfect for anyone who wants to get a quick head start on their journey in Monopoly GO. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to obtain golden 5-star Monopoly GO Stickers.

Prioritize Daily Activities

Monopoly GO gives players a lot of opportunities to earn quick bucks. For example, by simply logging into the game every day, players can get a decent amount of cash, dice rolls, or sticker packs. Additionally, the in-game store gives away exciting gifts every eight hours. Besides this, completing Quick Wins is another simple yet interesting way for players to earn valuable rewards.

Open Community Chests With Friends

The Community Chest in Monopoly GO is a daily group mini-game represented by the glowing treasure chest in the top left corner of each board. To open this chest, you need to meet specific prerequisites and create a small community. You need to add five or more friends to the game. Once they have enough partners, players need to simply roll the dice and hope that it lands on the Community Chest Tiles. This increases the amount of money inside these chests.

Use Auto Rolls Wisely

In Monopoly GO, Auto Roll automatically rolls out dice one after the other. This saves time and is probably the best way to make progress without manual intervention. But using the auto-roll feature wisely is super important. Otherwise, you might find yourself in Jail. Always watch the board closely when rolling and opt for manual rolling when you’re close to the corner where the Jail is.

Use The Dice Multiplier Strategically

Monopoly GO roll multipliers are bets that can help tycoons get incredible rewards. They consume more dice rolls but help you earn rewards in proportion to the roll multiplier. This multiplier applies to every single thing in the game, such as rewards from Community Chests, Bank Heists, Shutdowns, and even the rent players collect. But it does not assure rewards every time you choose to play it. So mastering some tips is important!

Collect Shields

Using shields is a great way to protect your buildings from opponents’ attacks in Monopoly GO. They make sure that all of a player’s precious landmarks are well protected from being “Shutdown.” Each shield can only block one attack. After every attack, players will lose a shield. You can get new shields from participating in events, completing Quick Wins tasks, landing on specific tiles, and more. In addition, if you have enough shields, any extra ones you collect will turn into dice rolls.