Behind the Scenes: December

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As with any Grandmaster quest, the rewards are particularly awesome. Not only are the XP rewards some of the biggest we have ever awarded, we’ll allow you to smith obsidian armour (particularly useful when fighting volcano-dwelling critters), and unlock a brand new single-player combat training area. Requirements for the quest are as follows: 80 Defence ….  Read More

Solomon’s General Store: TokHaar Armour

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Greetings, adventurer! My latest addition to Solomon’s General Store is the perfect counterpart to the TzHaar Grandmaster quest: TokHaar armour overrides, available in three unique tiers! Taking inspiration from the TokHaar – builders of Gielinor’s mountains – this majestic armour is not only awe-inspiring in appearance, it also comes in three distinct variants. The indomitable ….  Read More