RS3 Enchant Crossbow Bolts

Place the runes you need and the crossbow bolts you would like to enchant in your inventory.Click on the magic spell book icon in your user control panel at the lower left of your screen. Click on the crossbow image to cast the enchanting crossbow bolts spell.Select the type of crossbow bolts you would like to enchant on the interface that appears. The crossbow bolts in your inventory will become enchanted crossbow bolts.


Enchanting crossbow bolts in Runescape can give your character added advantages in ranged fighting. Enchanted crossbow bolts can increase the chances of negative things happening to your opponent, like getting struck by lightning, poisoning or lowering your opponent’s magic level. Enchanting crossbow bolts can also be a great way to increase your character’s magic level.

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Acquire some gem-tipped crossbow bolts. Your character can purchase them from the Grand Exchange, or make them herself. Your character will need to have a minimum fletching level of 11 and minimum smithing level of 3 to make her own gem-tipped crossbow bolts.Collect the runes necessary to enchant the crossbow bolts. Different gem-tipped crossbow bolts require different runes and a different magic level to be able to enchant them. The minimum magic level needed to enchant crossbow bolts is level 4; at this level your character can use one cosmic rune and two air runes to enchant opal bolts.