Some Important Things I Have Learned from Mystic – TERA

What is the Mystic? To put simply Mystics are a highly mobile jack of all trades support character. We have enough heals to support solo healing a party through all content. We have buffs to make clearing content both faster and more efficient. We have the CC to lock down enemies (including bosses) for long periods of time. Also while we do have pets they are not a main focus of the class and aside from the Fairy (which is used as a self heal) you probably wont find yourself using the pets often. If your looking for a pet class my answer would be Tera does not have one despite the mystic having some.


  • Thrall of Life is your new best heal. When Augmented, casting it creates a large AoE, and anyone inside gets MASSIVE HP and MP regeneration. This out heals Boomerang (now your second best heal), and maintains your MP from that thirsty new aura. It also cleanses anyone inside the AoE, making it a much faster cleanse than your old lock on one. This should be glyphed for a 20% reset chance to maximise up time so that you have it when you need it.
  • Thrall of Vengeance should be spammed off cooldown. The new Augmentation gives anyone in the AoE a power boost which has a duration ~3 seconds shorter than the cooldown of this ability. Spam it, Spam it a lot!
  • Thrall of Wrath and Thrall King should be used in Enrage Phases. Typically 3 Thrall of Wraths = 1 Thrall King cast, so you should use King on the first enrage, then Spam Wrath in the enrage phases that follow.
  • Thrall of Protection is essentially Kaia’s Shield now, anyone in the AoE is shielded for 30,000HP meaning your party is protected from damage for a good 10 seconds.
  • Exploding Motes are good for damaging whilst healing your party, meaning you can contribute to damage a little more now whilst multitasking your healing. This isn’t a priority skill though.


  • Good aoe, and nice single target.
  • Fantastic Escapism – their “blink” ability can move you away from danger, quick enough to escape danger and cast a quick healing orb.
  • Good group skills- able to provide mana, health and movement buffs to the party, as well as power ups, dispels and CC.
  • Can Resurrect members.
  • Fantastic CC capabilities, and this will help if additional aggro is gained, or helping the group in a dungeon. Our teleport and glyphs relating to it also make us incredibly mobile and hard to pin down in PvP.


  • Squishy – As mystics have low defence and health, they’re extremely squishy, and do require alot of protection from their party members. This means that if caught mystics can be killed fairly quickly if no chance for escape or protection given.
  • Mana can disappear fairly quickly if over using some combo abilities.
  • The mystic relies on the thrall of life, or using one of their Arun’s Vitae to heal themselves, and thus remembering to do so can get missed and therefore they can die alot, compared to that of a priest, who has an instant cast self heal.
  • The Mystic is a hard to play healing and support class in TERA Online that is definitely not for everyone.

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