The Best MCW Class Setup in Modern Warfare 3

The Best MCW Class Setup in Modern Warfare 3

To gain an advantage in COD MW3, a powerful character is essential. We need to understand the best Class setup in COD MW3 to build a powerful character. The following article will give you a detailed overview of the MCW Class setup in Modern Warfare 3, which will be our first step to success.

MCW Class Setup in COD MW3

The MCW stands out as one of the best assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3, offering exceptional performance and versatility in various combat scenarios. This class setup maximizes the potential of the MCW, ensuring a competitive edge on the battlefield.

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16.5 MCW Cyclone Long Barrel

The 16.5 MCW Cyclone long barrel enhances bullet velocity, range, aiming stability, and firing aim stability. Despite minor trade-offs in tax stand spread, hip fire spread, and aim walking spread, the overall impact on performance is minimal, and the benefits in range and stability are substantial.

5.56 NATO High Grain Rounds

The addition of the 5.56 NATO High Grain Rounds offers enhanced bullet velocity and damage range. While there is a slight compromise in recoil control, these rounds’ overall power and effectiveness make them a vital inclusion for optimizing the MCW for various combat situations.

60 Round Drum

Equipping the 60-round drum ensures ample ammunition capacity, providing sustained firepower during intense engagements. The additional rounds contribute to extended combat effectiveness without significant compromises in mobility and handling.

RB Claw PSL Grip

The RB Claw PSL Grip enhances firing aim stability, gun kick, and recoil control, ensuring precise and controlled firefights. The benefits of improved stability and control outweigh the minor trade-offs in aiming out of sway.

Slate Reflector

The Slate Reflector attachment further enhances the MCW’s performance, offering additional customization options to suit individual playstyles and preferences. Players can experiment with alternative attachments, such as the MK3 Reflector, based on personal preferences and combat requirements.

When we finish building an MCW Class, we can level up quickly by COD MW3 boosting, which strengthens the character and unlocks new weapons. Once we have a strong character and a lot of new weapons, we will gain an advantage in the various battles in COD MW3.